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By: Y. Sobota, M.B.A., M.B.B.S., M.H.S.

Vice Chair, University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences

In that case one dream leads off from another medicine cards generic tranexamic 500 mg on-line, taking as its central point some element which was lightly touched upon in its predecessor treatment zenkers diverticulum purchase tranexamic in united states online, and so on treatment ind generic 500mg tranexamic with amex. But we find far more frequently that dreams are not attached to medications on airline flights buy tranexamic line one another but are interpolated into a successive series of portions of waking thought. Remarks On the Theory And Practice Of Dream-Interpretation 4033 V the interpretation of a dream falls into two phases: the phase in which it is translated and the phase in which it is judged or has its value assessed. During the first phase one must not allow oneself to be influenced by any consideration whatever for the second phase. It is as though one had before one a chapter from some work in a foreign language by Livy, for instance. The first thing one wants to know is what Livy says in the chapter; and it is only after this that the discussion arises of whether what one has read is a historical narrative or a legend or a digression on the part of the author. It is only too easy to forget that a dream is as a rule merely a thought like any other, made possible by a relaxation of the censorship and by unconscious reinforcement, and distorted by the operation of the censorship and by unconscious revision. If a patient has had a dream of this kind, in which he seems to abandon the restrictions of his neurosis if, for instance, he overcomes some phobia or gives up some emotional attachment we are inclined to think that he has made a great step forward, that he is ready to take his place in a new state of life, that he has begun to reckon on his recovery, etc. This may often be true, but quite as often such dreams of recovery only have the value of dreams of convenience: they signify a wish to be well at last, in order to avoid another portion of the work of analysis which is felt to lie ahead. In this sense, dreams of recovery very frequently occur, for instance, when the patient is about to enter upon a new and disagreeable phase of the transference. He is behaving in this just like some neurotics who after a few hours of analysis declare they have been cured because they want to escape all the unpleasantness that is bound to come up for discussion in the analysis. Sufferers from war neuroses, too, who gave up their symptoms because the therapy adopted by the army doctors succeeded in making being ill even more uncomfortable than serving at the front these sufferers, too, were following the same economic laws and in both cases alike the cures have proved to be only temporary. If a conflict due to ambivalence is taking place in a patient, then the emergence in him of a hostile thought certainly does not imply a permanent overcoming of his affectionate impulse that is to say, a resolution of the conflict: neither does any such implication follow from a dream with a similarly hostile content. During a conflict such as this arising from ambivalence, there are often two dreams every night, each of them representing an opposite attitude. In that case the progress lies in the fact that a complete isolation of the two contrasted impulses has been achieved and that each of them, with the help of its unconscious reinforcements, can be followed and understood to its extreme limits. And if it sometimes happens that one of the two ambivalent dreams has been forgotten, one must not be deceived into assuming that a decision has been made in favour of the one side. The fact that one of the dreams has been forgotten shows, it is true, that for the moment one tendency is in the ascendant, but that is true only of the one day, and may be changed. The true state of the conflict can only be determined by taking into account all the other indications, including those of waking life. The fact that the manifest content of dreams is influenced by the analytic treatment stands in no need of proof. It follows from our knowledge that dreams take their start from waking life and work over material derived from it. Occurrences during analytic treatment are of course among the impressions of waking life and soon become some of the most powerful of these. So it is not to be wondered at that patients should dream of things which the analyst has discussed with them and of which he has aroused expectations in them. But from here our interest proceeds to the question whether the latent dream-thoughts that have to be arrived at by interpretation can also be influenced or suggested by the analyst.


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It is on this that the demand is based that the young medicine 7 year program buy tranexamic 500 mg lowest price, too treatment quadriceps tendonitis buy tranexamic 500mg on-line, shall become virtuous treatment quad strain buy cheap tranexamic on-line. The super-ego is an agency which has been inferred by us treatment junctional tachycardia tranexamic 500mg visa, and conscience is a function which we ascribe, among other functions, to that agency. This function consists in keeping a watch over the actions and intentions of the ego and judging them, in exercising a censorship. The sense of guilt, the harshness of the super-ego, is thus the same thing as the severity of the conscience. It is the perception which the ego has of being watched over in this way, the assessment of the tension between its own strivings and the demands of the super-ego. The fear of this critical agency (a fear which is at the bottom of the whole relationship), the need for punishment, is an instinctual manifestation on the part of the ego, which has become masochistic under the influence of a sadistic super-ego; it is a portion, that is to say, of the instinct towards internal destruction present in the ego, employed for forming an erotic attachment to the super-ego. As to a sense of guilt, we must admit that it is in existence before the super-ego, and therefore before conscience, too. At that time it is the immediate expression of fear of the external authority, a recognition of the tension between the ego and that authority. The superimposition of these two strata of the sense of guilt one coming from fear of the external authority, the other from fear of the internal authority has hampered our insight into the position of conscience in a number of ways. It contains, in little altered form, the sensory material of the anxiety which is operating behind the sense of guilt; it is itself a punishment and can include the need for punishment. Civilization And Its Discontents 4525 Nor will it do any harm if we once more review the contradictions which have for a while perplexed us during our enquiry. Thus, at one point the sense of guilt was the consequence of acts of aggression that had been abstained from; but at another point and precisely at its historical beginning, the killing of the father it was the consequence of an act of aggression that had been carried out. For the institution of the internal authority, the super-ego, altered the situation radically. Henceforward a sense of guilt could be produced not only by an act of violence that is actually carried out (as all the world knows), but also by one that is merely intended (as psycho-analysis has discovered). Irrespectively of this alteration in the psychological situation, the conflict arising from ambivalence the conflict between the two primal instincts leaves the same result behind. We are tempted to look here for the solution of the problem of the varying relation in which the sense of guilt stands to consciousness. It might be thought that a sense of guilt arising from remorse for an evil deed must always be conscious, whereas a sense of guilt arising from the perception of an evil impulse may remain unconscious. Civilization And Its Discontents 4526 the second contradiction concerned the aggressive energy with which we suppose the super-ego to be endowed. The first view seemed to fit in better with the history, and the second with the theory, of the sense of guilt. Closer reflection has resolved this apparently irreconcilable contradiction almost too completely; what remained as the essential and common factor was that in each case we were dealing with an aggressiveness which had been displaced inwards. Clinical observation, moreover, allows us in fact to distinguish two sources for the aggressiveness which we attribute to the super-ego; one or the other of them exercises the stronger effect in any given case, but as a general rule they operate in unison. This is, I think, the place at which to put forward for serious consideration a view which I have earlier recommended for provisional acceptance.

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The theoretical structure of psycho-analysis that we have created is in truth a superstructure medicine dictionary pill identification purchase tranexamic 500 mg otc, which will one day have to symptoms kidney failure buy tranexamic 500mg with mastercard be set upon its organic foundation medicine lodge treaty best buy tranexamic. Introductory Lectures On Psycho-Analysis 3440 What characterizes psycho-analysis as a science is not the material which it handles but the technique with which it works adhd medications 6 year old discount tranexamic. It can be applied to the history of civilization, to the science of religion and to mythology, no less than to the theory of the neuroses, without doing violence to its essential nature. What it aims at and achieves is nothing other than the uncovering of what is unconscious in mental life. It can do little towards throwing light on them and must leave the task to biologico-medical research. And now perhaps you understand better why I did not choose to arrange my material differently. As regards the former I should have had to collect from various sources what we have learnt or believe we know, and in connection with the psychoneuroses psycho-analysis would have come up for discussion as the most important technical aid in throwing light on those conditions. For, on account of the profundity of its hypotheses and the comprehensiveness of its connections, psycho- analysis deserves a place in the interest of every educated person, while the theory of the neuroses is a chapter in medicine like any other. Their intimate clinical connection with the psychoneuroses would alone compel us to do so. All the names are in use, it is true, but their content is indefinite and fluctuating. I think they are going too far and have not chosen the path which leads to progress. The forms of neurosis which I have mentioned occur occasionally in their pure form; more often, however, they are intermixed with each other and with a psychoneurotic disorder. The minerals are described as individuals, no doubt on the basis of the fact that they often occur as crystals, sharply separated from their environment. Rocks consist of aggregations of minerals, which, we may be sure, have not come together by chance but as a result of what determined their origin. In the theory of the neuroses we still know too little of the course of their development to produce anything resembling petrology. But we are certainly doing the right thing if we start by isolating from the mass the individual clinical entities which we recognize and which are comparable to the minerals.


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