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By: A. Kadok, M.A., M.D.

Vice Chair, Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine

Flight in to herbs chips trusted npxl 30caps health: Phrase used to herbals shops purchase cheap npxl describe the rapid symp to herbals shampoo cheap npxl matic recovery sometimes displayed by patients who wish to herbs mac and cheese generic npxl 30caps with visa avoid psychoanalytical investigation. Flight in to illness: Phrase used to describe the escape from conflict achieved by developing symp to ms. Flight of ideas: A nearly continuous flow of accelerated speech with abrupt changes from to pic to to pic, usually based on understandable associations, distracting stimuli, or plays on wards. Flight of ideas is most frequently seen in Manic episodes, but may also be observed in some cases of Organic Mental Disorders, Schizophrenia, other psychotic disorders, and occasionally, acute reac tions to stress. Flooding (implosion): A behaviour therapy procedure for phobias and other problems involving mala daptive anxiety, in which anxiety producers are presented in intense forms, either in imagination or in real life. The presentations are continued until the stimuli no longer produce disabling anxiety. Focal conflict theory: Theory elaborated by Thomas French in 1952 that explains the behaviour of a person as an expression of his method of solving currently experienced personality conflicts that 166 Dictionary of Psychology & Allied Sciences originated very early in his life, he constantly reso nates to those early life conflicts. Focal therapy: An approach to psychotherapy in which a specific focus (problem) is identified early in the therapy and efforts are concentrated on this focus for the remainder treatment. The method was deve loped as part of the attempt to make psychotherapy shorter and more cost-effective. Folie a deux: A condition in which two closely related persons, usually in the same family, share the same delusions. Forensic psychiatry: the branch of psychiatry that is concerned with the legal aspects of mental illness. Includes work on reliability of witnesses, evidence given by children, the conse quences for children of possible court actions, and the causes of criminal behaviour. Fore-pleasure and end-pleasure: the terms enable the pleasure associated with erotic activity to be divided in to (a) that associated with mounting tension, fore-pleasure, and (b) that associated with reduction of tension, end-pleasure, the former being a tension-affect, and latter a discharge-affect. Forgetting: Broadly speaking, theories of forgetting can be s to red in to seven major approaches; decay theory (the idea that memory traces gradually decay overtime, unless strengthened by being retrieved); interference theory; amnesia brought about through physical causes; motivated forgetting; lack of appropriate cues for retrieval; lack of the relevant Dictionary of Psychology & Allied Sciences 167 context for retrieval; and inadequate processing during s to rage (see levels of processing theory). In the formal operational stage, the individual has become capable of abstract thought and can conceptualize possibilities which are outside of direct experience. Piaget considered this to be the highest form of cognitive, and one which is shown only in human beings, and from the age of about 12 years at the earliest. The proceeding stages he viewed as steps to wards this point, which, on the basis that on to geny recapitulates phylogeny, illustrated the stages by which abstract logic must have evolved. See also sensorimo to r stage, pre-operational stage, concrete operational stage, genetic epistemology. The boundaries of the concept are not clear and there is no consensus as to which disturbances in speech or thoughts are included in the concept. See loosening of associations, incohe rence, poverty of content of speech, neologisms, perseveration, blocking, echolalia, changing. Formication: A tactile hallucination involving the sensation that tiny insects are crawling over the skin. Free association: Investigative psychoanalytic tech nique devised by Freud in which the patient seeks 168 Dictionary of Psychology & Allied Sciences to verbalize without reservation or censorship the passing contents of his mind. Free-floating anxiety: Severe, pervasive, generalized anxiety that is not attached to any particular idea, object, or event.

With Article 3: In all its activities the European respect to kan herbals buy npxl us gender herbs nursery buy 30 caps npxl with visa, race herbals for arthritis purchase 30 caps npxl free shipping, and much else herbals and supplements generic 30 caps npxl, Community shall aim to eliminate however, science is not value neutral. Gender biases in research limit the Communication Women and Science: scientifc creativity, excellence, and beneft mobilising women to enrich European to society. This restructuring institutions and mainstreaming approach was broadened and reinforced gender analysis in to knowledge production. The purpose of the study was to collect and Concept and methodology analyse research on horizontal and vertical segregation in research careers, as well as the National experts in the 33 countries covered underlying causes and efects of these two by the study were in charge of selecting the processes. A frst descriptive dimension dealing with informed bibliography (online database) the main trends as regards: and a set of reports. A second dimension dealing with the the text to refer to science strictu senso analysis of gendered structural social (mathematics, natural sciences, life sciences) dynamics that are reproduced in scientifc and technology. Topics and dimensions Topics Dimensions Horizontal segregation Vertical segregation Descriptive Pay and funding Stereotypes and identity Structural social dynamics Causes Science as a labour activity and Scientifc excellence Scientifc culture and efects Gender in research contents institutional practices identity and their impact on educational the third stage was the elaboration of to pic and professional pathways. A fourth and last contextual dimension, experts on gender and science, in charge dealing with the analysis of policies of the national informed bibliography and to wards gender equality in research. The scientists in the feld of mathematics, national experts were in charge of preparing natural sciences, life sciences and a national report giving a concise overview engineering, in charge of discussing the of the most important trends, fndings and thematic reports. Nikolina Sretenova Bulgaria 32n Meta-analysis of gender and science research Prof. Sylvia Walby United Kingdom n33 Meta-analysis of gender and science research Table 3. All the reports career, in which family and career demands are available at the website of the study. The third part turns to an examination of scientifc the results of our analysis are presented as institutions and scientifc knowledge, follows: After this introduction, the frst part presenting the results of the meta-analysis provides an initial overview of the most for three diferent themes: current important trends as regards gender institutional change, gender analysis in 34n Meta-analysis of gender and science research research content and policies to wards not meant to be exhaustive, but rather gender equality in science. While dealing signifcance that illustrates what is discussed with conceptual issues and methodological in the text. Finally, the report intends to trends, it attempts to illustrate the main present a synthesis of the results and, when debates and fndings through selected necessary, refers the reader to the national or references to studies. Thus, the literature on in science gender segregation in science shows two main concerns: First, research and technological Most studies emphasise that gender development professions seem less diferences in scientifc careers are decreasing responsive to the social forces that are for recent cohorts. This, however, does not at odds with the scientifc ethos of universalism mean that women have equal opportunities and meri to cracy: if universalism and to attain academic status equal to that of meri to cracy were the actual rules, gender men. The move to wards gender equality in inequality would be less prevalent than in science cannot be taken for granted.

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A decade gender diversity is also incorporated as a key of data-gathering herbs chips purchase npxl 30caps otc, refection and comparative element of good management of research analysis has demonstrated the reality of and innovation policies herbals companies npxl 30 caps without prescription. Diversity is required horizontal and vertical segregation jovees herbals buy 30caps npxl amex, the not only for economic reasons (improving existence of pay gaps bestlife herbals buy npxl without prescription, stereotypes, and the efciency by the optimisation of human biased nature of criteria of excellence. Second, resources, gender equity would contribute to the move to wards gender equality is slow and competitiveness); diversity also improves the cannot be taken for granted. Women are quality of science and research by increasing increasingly underrepresented the higher one creativity and bringing science closer to climbs up the scientifc ladder. This entails addressing sex to progress to wards a truly developed and gender analysis as a resource to stimulate knowledge society, science policy targeting the creativity in science and technology, and by allocation of fnancial and human resources doing so enhance the lives of both men and based on criteria of transparent and fair women. Rather, in order to take advantage of Research, although further support is needed the existing pool of researchers and innovation to promote its implementation in scientifc talent, a cultural change in terms of challenging institutions. The key theoretical frameworks, appropriate challenge is not to change women but, on the methodological to ols and shared evaluation contrary, to change the culture of science and standards. Frauen machen Karriere in Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Politik: Chancen nutzen Barrieren uberwinden, Nomos Verlag, Baden Baden, pp. Actas del I Congreso Internacional sobre sesgo de genero y desigualdades en la evaluacion de la calidad academica, Universitat Au to noma de Barcelona, Bellaterra, pp. Minority and Female Attainment of Science and Mathematics Degrees: Trends and Causes, Rockefeller Foundation, New York. Women and Science in the Enwise countries, Ofce for Ofcial Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg. Creating sustainable careers, Ofce for Ofcial Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, pp. Quel genre pour la recherche scientifque, Editions du Dulbea, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Bruxelles. Die Situation von Studierenden und WissenschaftlerInnen mit Kindern, Trafo Verlag, Berlin. Good practices in companies across Europe, Ofce for Ofcial Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg. The business perspective, Ofce for Ofcial Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg. Getting More Women to the Top of Research, Ofce for Ofcial Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg. Statistics and Indica to rs, Ofce for Ofcial Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg. Assessing the European national scenes, Ofce for Ofcial Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg. Creating sustainable careers, Ofce for Ofcial Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg. Eine Untersuchung uber Studentinnen und Studenten der Erziehungswissenschaft, Elektrotechnik und des Maschinenbaus, Dt. The Vanish Box: Disappearance of Women in Science; Reappearance in Technology Transfer. Mittelvergabe & Gleichstellungspolitik an Hochschulen, Kleine Verlag, Bielefeld, pp.

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Regional or local variations in leave policy fi Length of leave and entitlement vary across provinces and terri to herbals meds discount npxl 30 caps amex ries herbs that heal purchase genuine npxl on-line. It is possible to herbals on express cheap npxl online amex have a higher income replacement rate but for a shorter period kan herbals relaxed wanderer npxl 30 caps sale, or lower income for a longer period. Except in British Columbia, Quebec and New Brunswick, an employee must have been employed by the same employer for a minimum amount of time, varying from 13 weeks to 12 months. Eligibility requirements for benefits under the federal programme are 600 hours of continuous employment in the last 52 weeks. Until 2011, most self-employed women (outside Quebec) were not eligible for benefits since they typically work under business or service contracts and therefore are not considered to have insurable employment. Moreover, many part-time 74 Conversion of local currency in to Euros undertaken on 28 May 2013, using finance. In order to receive maternity benefits self employed mothers outside of Quebec must have registered one year previously, and qualify if they have reduced the amount of time devoted to their business by more than 40 per cent because of childbirth, and earned at least $6,342 from self-employment in 77 2012. Regional or local variations in leave policy fi Quebec offers up to five weeks after the birth. Parental leave (conge parental) Length of leave (before and after birth) fi Thirty-five to 37 weeks in most jurisdictions for one parent or shared between two parents but not exceeding a combined maximum of 35 weeks in jurisdictions where leave is an entitlement per family, as is the case in Alberta (not the case in Ontario, see below). Regional or local variations in leave policy fi Provincial and terri to rial policies vary in the length of leave, flexibility of use, eligibility, etc. In three jurisdictions aggregate Parental leave cannot exceed the maximum of the allowed leave. In all other jurisdictions each parent may take the full Parental leave that is allowed. With the exceptions of British Columbia, Quebec and New Brunswick, an employee must have been employed by the same employer for a minimum that ranges from 13 weeks to 12 months. Some types of employees and employment are excluded: the specific details vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but students, 74 agricultural workers, workers in small businesses and workers in government employment creation programmes are often excluded. In some collective agreements in the Quebec public service, for example education, but also other sec to rs, it is possible to adopt a programme of deferred income, working four years at 80 per cent of earnings, 78 Tremblay, D. This is, however, part of a collective agreement, and not a labour law or regulation. Other employment-related measures Adoption leave and pay fi For adoptive parents the same regulations for Parental leave apply as for other parents except in four jurisdictions. In three cases, adoptive parents are eligible for adoption leave that can be added to Parental leave: in Prince Edward Island parents are eligible for 52 weeks adoption leave instead of the 35 weeks Parental leave for birth parents. In Newfoundland and Labrador and Saskatchewan adoptive parents can take 17 or 18 weeks (respectively) that can be added to Parental leave, though in Saskatchewan only the primary caregiver is eligible for the adoption leave. In Quebec, adoption leave can be shared by both parents and provides for 12 weeks at 70 per cent and 25 weeks at 55 per cent. Time off for the care of dependants fi British Columbia and New Brunswick allow three to five days of unpaid leave a year to care for immediate family members.

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