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By: G. Grobock, M.A., M.D.

Program Director, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Qualitative researchers remain in the field for some time and weight loss with yoga purchase 15mg slimex, consequently weight loss over 50 cheapest slimex, their personal issues such as emotions weight loss questionnaire generic slimex 10mg with visa, attitudes weight loss lunch cheap slimex 15 mg mastercard, values and beliefs, and characteristics may have an influence on the research process. As a novice qualitative researcher, I was prepared to find data analysis strategies difficult because analysing huge amounts of data in qualitative research is always considered as a painstaking, time-consuming and complex task (Ary et al. As I had previously never done a full-scale analysis, it could be a daunting task to make sense of the data that I had collected (Hatch, 2002). I also had to keep in mind that collecting and analysing data would take considerable time and adding participants or sites would lengthen that time (Creswell, 2008). The nature of my research questions determined my choice of research design, and influenced the way in which I collected and interpreted data. In this section, I discuss the research process in terms of explaining and justifying the selected research design, the selection of the cases and participants, the process of data collection and documentation, and the data analysis and interpretations. In support of this definition, Creswell (2013) describes case study research as a qualitative approach in which the researcher explores a real-life, contemporary bounded system or multiple bounded systems over time. Examples of binding a case include time and place (Creswell, 2013), and time and activity (Stake, 1995). In other words, the boundaries in a qualitative case study design could be compared to the inclusion and exclusion criteria for participant selection in a quantitative study. Moreover, the boundaries of the case study indicate the breadth and depth of the qualitative study and not merely the selection of the participants (Baxter & Jack, 2008). Once the case and its boundaries have been determined, the type of case study being conducted should be considered. As stated by Yin (2014), case studies can be categorised as explanatory, exploratory, or descriptive. He furthermore differentiates between single case studies and multiple case studies. By comparison, Stake (1995) identifies case studies as intrinsic, instrumental, or collective. Here, the intent of conducting the case study (Creswell, 2013) and the overall purpose of the study will guide the selection of a specific type of case study design (Baxter & Jack, 2008). The purpose of a case study is to understand the case in-depth within its natural setting and acknowledge its complexity and context (Seabi, 2012). The case study research starts with the identification of a specific case which could be an individual, a small group, or an organisation (Creswell, 2013). For instance, the case will be the experiences of teachers, but the case cannot be considered without the context of teaching, specifically within the 82 school and classroom settings. Detailed and in-depth data collection involves multiple sources of information such as interviews, observations, audio-visual material, reports and documents, and the researcher reports a case description and case themes (ibid. Moreover, the nature of this study justifies the use of a multiple case study design since it has explored the teaching experiences of Intermediate Phase teachers in various primary schools within the Gauteng province. The case would still be the experiences of teachers who are teaching and supporting learners with dyslexia but the different experiences engaged by teachers in different primary schools were analysed.

A randomized trial of mechanical bowel preparation versus no bowel preparation with rectal surgery found that the overall and site-specific infectious morbidity rates were significantly higher in no preparation versus the mechanical preparation group weight loss pills 24 purchase slimex without a prescription. Regarding anastomotic leakage weight loss naturally cheap 15 mg slimex free shipping, length of hospital stay weight loss 90 days purchase slimex 15 mg fast delivery, major morbidity and mortality rates weight loss pills metabolism generic 15mg slimex visa, there was no significant difference between the no preparation and mechanical bowel preparation groups. This was the first randomized trial to demonstrate that rectal cancer surgery without mechanical preparation is associated with higher risk of overall and infectious morbidity rates without any significant increase of anastomotic leakage rate. It suggests continuing to perform mechanical preparation before elective rectal resection for cancer (117). Despite evidence of the infectious complications associated with mechanical preparation or no preparation, many gynecologic surgeons prefer a mechanical preparation to aid with exposure in the pelvic operative field. This may be particularly relevant to the surgeon performing minimally invasive surgery. However, the ingestion of 4 L of fluid is problematic for many patients, so magnesium citrate may be preferable when mechanical preparation is to be used. An alternative mechanical preparation method is the use of oral sodium phosphate (Phospho-Soda). Some patients are at higher risk to develop acute phosphate nephropathy, leading to acute renal failure or worsening of chronic renal disease after the use of sodium phosphate. Although the pathophysiology is not fully understood, it may be secondary to substantial fluid shifts and electrolyte changes. For these patients, the guidelines recommend an alternative bowel preparation agent, polyethylene glycol, which is not associated with volume shifts and electrolyte abnormalities (121, 122). Oral antibiotic prophylaxis was advised over the past three decades to reduce the infectious complications following colonic surgery. The usual regimen was a combination of oral erythromycin and neomycin taken the day before surgery. Many surgeons would substitute oral metronidazole for erythromycin because patients tolerate it better. With the use of perioperative parental antibiotics, the benefit of oral antibiotics is questioned and most surgeons abandoned the use of oral antibiotics in favor of perioperative parenteral antibiotics. Postoperative Gastrointestinal Complications Ileus Following open abdominal or pelvic surgery, most patients experience some degree of intestinal ileus. The exact mechanism by which this arrest and disorganization of gastrointestinal motility occurs is unknown, but it appears to be associated with the opening of the peritoneal cavity and is aggravated by manipulation of the intestinal tract and prolonged surgical procedures. For most patients undergoing common gynecologic operations, the degree of ileus is minimal, and gastrointestinal function returns relatively rapidly, allowing the resumption of oral intake within a few days of surgery. Patients who have persistently diminished bowel sounds, abdominal distention, and nausea and vomiting require further evaluation and more aggressive management. Patients with symptoms of ileus or small bowel obstruction who underwent minimally invasive surgery are a different matter. Ileus is usually manifested by abdominal distention and should be evaluated by physical examination. Pertinent points of the abdominal examination include assessment of the quality of bowel sounds and palpation in search of distension, masses, tenderness, or rebound. Pelvic examination should be performed to evaluate the possibility of a pelvic abscess or hematoma that may contribute to the ileus. Abdominal radiography to evaluate the abdomen in the flat (supine) position and in the upright position will aid in the diagnosis of an ileus.

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In any case weight loss equipment slimex 10 mg visa, the desire to weight loss 4 pills purchase 10 mg slimex visa have a second non-disabled child and a more complete family with a second child (the desire for a normative motherhood experience weight loss pills used in europe slimex 15mg mastercard, Park et al weight loss pills plexus discount slimex 10 mg without a prescription. Only after the birth of a subsequent child do mothers of a seriously disabled child have an increased 3 likelihood of choosing postpartum or interval sterilization (Park et al. It is not surprising that the parents of children with disabilities generally exhibit higher stress levels and poorer mental health than other parents. When comparing children with developmental disabilities and the general population, Byrne et al. In a small-scale Norwegian study on the parents of children with behavioural problems, which can be frequent in children with disabilities, those who were single, with low education, more often unemployed, less content with social support and with lower scores on comprehensibility were significantly more stressed than parents in the comparison group (Solem et al. In a study based in a province of Turkey, Ergun and Ertem (2012) report that the most frequent problems experienced by mothers of disabled children were sadness, anger and loneliness. Mash and Johnston (1990) conceptualize parental stress as involving behavioural affective and cognitive components. Eight categories of potential stress seem relevant to the parents of children with intellectual disabilities (as mainly proposed by Mc Cubbin et al. Longitudinal studies (Dyson, 1993) show stability over time (and therefore as the child grows older) of overall parental stress and family functioning. Fathers and mothers usually experience the increased stress related to the presence of a disabled child differently: in most cases, it is the mother who gives up her job or career to stay home and take over most of the childcare responsibilities (Barnett and Boyce, 1995, Hedov et al. Even if they continue working, the mothers of disabled children have been reported to have more sick days and more absences from work to care for sick children than other mothers (Westbom, 1992). In addition, poor families (with possibly a single parent) in low-income jobs with less job flexibility experience even greater problems when there is a child who has significant disabilities and learning and behavioural disorders (Bernheimer et al. Olsson and Hwang (2003) also report that the parents of children with intellectual disabilities in Sweden (where government and community support is higher than in other countries) experience the same kind of stress, especially in terms of a restricted social life and time constraints, as parents in other countries. The only exception is the financial burden, and it may be that public aid might allow the parents to spend less time at work and more time with the child (Olsson and Hwang 2003). On the other hand, family stress is not reduced if access to services is subject to strict eligibility requirements and a complicated screening process. The presence of a disabled child affects the lives of non-disabled siblings: on the basis of parent reports and after adjusting for sibling demographic characteristics and household background, siblings of children with disabilities were more likely than siblings residing with typically developing children to have problems with interpersonal relationships, psychopathological functioning, functioning at school, and use of leisure time (Goudie et al. Discussion in the literature concerning stress for family members of disabled children also describe positive effects from having a disabled child (Beresford, 1994). The parents of disabled children identify nine core themes: joy and happiness; increased sense of purpose and priorities; expanded personal and social networks and community involvement; increased spirituality; source of family unity and closeness; increased tolerance and understanding; personal growth and strength; positive impacts on others/community (Stainton and Besser, 1998), including also more conscious behaviour towards the other children (Olsson and 5 Hwang 2003, for a review see Byrne and Cunningham, 1985). They also state that most of the negative effects of having a disabled child could be counteracted by promoting measures intended to help the parents (Barnett et al, 2003). Physical health, including the presence or absence of chronic conditions, limited activity or overall poor health, is one of the strongest indicators of well-being.

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  • Reinhardt Pfeiffer syndrome
  • Schwannoma, malignant
  • Rokitansky sequence
  • Gliomatosis cerebri
  • Ceroid lipofuscinois, neuronal 3, juvenile
  • Craniometaphyseal dysplasia recessive type

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